Wednesday, October 5, 2016

free time

Its school holidays for a week and I have free time!
Ive been tackling some spring cleaning and had a bit of extra time to craft.

First I made some soaps, these ones are for us. As you can see they are in Christmas shapes :) They are scented with "fudge icecream" fragrance.

I also made some orange ones, these were poured into clean 1l milk boxes. Then when they were set I peeled the box away. It made a nice bar. The soap base was already scented so I didn't add anything extra. (they are both already in cellophane bags so that's what the weird shine on the picture is)

Yesterday (and early this morning) I was working on gifts and managed to use the sewing machine, do some beading AND knit a sock (no pictures of the beading & sewing) Its quite an achievement for me at the moment.

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