Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I got a really lovely M&S top in January, unfortunately it got 2 holes in the back (I must have snagged it on something)
I love the shape of the top, its a vest but goes wider at the waist and hips - which is a lot more comfortable and flattering to wear than the vests I currently have. I tried to fix the holes but I made it worse. So I packed it into my sewing area for later.

Well later has come :)
I had time to trace off the pattern (just cut it straight out of the fabric) and sew it up. I had to make some adjustments - like cutting the armholes bigger. Im really happy with the results.


I picked up the fabric on sale, it is quite a thin cotton knit and see-through, so I thought they would look good layered.

I didn't notice the flaw right through the white fabric! Can you see it - it looks like a dirty stripe diagonally across the front. That's probably why it was on sale!

With a white top underneath the flaw disappears so that's how I will use this top. The white top is longer and it looks better on, funny what a few extra centimeters can do.

I have more fabric so I'm hoping to sew a few more of these tops, Im glad I have figured out the kinks in the assembly. The white top was #2 and I whizzed along with it.
It took 2.5 hours to make both these tops.


ruthsplace said...

The new top looks great, lovely fabric! I really admire people who can make clothes for themselves. The most I've ever attempted is a few little girl dresses.

Vikki said...

I know what you mean, I have made a lot more children's clothes than adult clothes. But its excellent grounding and you get to practice techniques on small items.
This morning I found a pretty black beaded braid, in my stash, that would make a pretty neckline so I'm on the hunt for black fabric now :)