Sunday, November 6, 2016

a crochet block

I had this idea to crochet a block in miniature, to use to make a drawstring bag
I found this pattern and tried it

First try I used a 1.5mm hook and a thin thread (white block)
I didn't work out how I planned (too small)

Then I thought it would make a nice placemat for Christmas, so I used a 5mm hook and DK yarn. I ran out of DK before I could make it big enough.
Here it is next to an A4 page

I think it will work

Something interesting happened yesterday, I took one of those online tests to see if I'm more right (creative) or left (logical) brained ... and I'm more left brained! 65% logical/rational etc.

I was surprised. Sos took it too and he is more creative than me (he is a musician) which was surprising since I'm the one with half a house of craft supplies, the craft blog, etc.

It just goes to show ANYONE can be creative regardless of which side of your brain you use :)

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