Saturday, December 17, 2016

another handmade journal

This is number 6.
They are so much fun to make, every time I make one I'm already planning the next one!
Ive been saving all suitable boxes and papers to make covers and insides :)

I'm forcing myself not to buy any extras for these books, so far Ive been good. I bought 1 black ink and more glue.

pretty floral ribbon as a tie

brown paper bag used as a cover

I used a free calendar on the front cover, lace to cover the edge of the spine, the first page is from the new nespresso brochure (I used the whole brochure in this journal - the art work and colours are lovely) 

here I cut out the front of a pudding box, and tucked it into a fold on the music page

I glued lined paper to the back

the brown part is a bag for that swap I'm involved it, I've used it to tuck in a French card "don't pardon my French knowledge cards / learn French"

scrapbook paper, next page has a butterfly.
I made these a while ago, cut on the silhouette machine then spray painted silver

the back of the brown paper bag, I cut the top to make another place to tuck things
I use a paperclip to attach a little card to the front.

I attached an icecream card to a piece of scrapbooking card with a split pin. This is tucked into the music paper

In some of the tuck spots I added stickers, these are alphabet stickers. So the next owner has some supplies to get started :)
The paperclip at the bottom is to hold everything in place

I found some nice stamps still attached to a piece of envelope, I liked the postmark so I glued the whole piece onto an envelope in my book

Another brown paper bag page

Here I added a nice big card (lined on the back) the ribbon tie is fluffy lace

another nespresso page :) the tuck spot opposite contains 2 pages (pulled right out of the book) embellished with some champagne coloured crystals

Here you can see a yellow/blue page. This is the wrapping from a condensed milk can :) it made a great page!
opposite is another brown paper bag, with an icecream card tucked inside

I added pretty paper to this folded tuck spot

This one has paper and a miniature book

One of last years calendars had nice pictures so I cut those off - and I had left over calendar pages. I cut off the month & year and used it as a page

more alphabet stickers

one of the last pages, I glued half a paper doily onto a page from a notepad.

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