Wednesday, December 14, 2016

junk journal - needlecraft

Here's that journal I mentioned the other day:

Calendar page on inside front cover, miniature knitting needles & knitting, chalkboard sticker

tassel paperclip holding a postcard

sewing pattern

button card!

mini book

stamp on envelope

found some "Boots" ribbon at the local hospice shop. It is very vintage - and we don't even have boots stores in SA! I used it as seam bindings, I put the knots on the inside of the signatures (so you can see it and read the ribbon)

hairclip holding a little card in place, you can see the page behind has sparkly crystals

little slot to hold a few cards, cards have lined paper glued to the back

concertina style fold out card (thanks emirates!) pocket behind it to hold a bookmark/card.
Made from a chocolate box :)

slot to hold a map of paris card, from a diary. glued on a paris charm. pretty floral ribbon tied onto a paperclip

teabag packet used as an envelope

inside a small blank card (from a L'Occitane gift)

glued a tiny crochet square (made a few weeks ago) onto this page

envelope, glued a key charm on top.
chalkboard sticker on music page

2 slots, one holding a postcard, the other a mini book

back page with another page from a calendar and some buttons.

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