Tuesday, January 17, 2017

cotton dressing gowns

I was asked to sew 7 short dressing gowns (bath robes)
I have this pattern book

and found this short gown;
wrapover short dressing gown page 37

the instructions were vague and you definitely need some sewing skills to finish this

Here was the dark blue gown - the book shows that you can tie the belt at the front - but it must have been for the photos as I couldn't do it

all the fabric was cotton, it was nice to work with.

 Two things that I was really impressed with-
1. the edging around the neck and front band worked out well, it had a mitered corner - that made a very professional finish

2. the front belt opening - it was a bit fiddly and I held my breath with the first one, hoping it would work - and it did. It looks great.

Then there were 6 white/navy striped gowns - it was a bit more work lining up the stripes - especially when sewing the belts

And here they are all done.
In total they took 21 hours or 3 hours each - this was cutting, sewing and lots of ironing!

  1. I didn't use the lace trim at the neck edge
  2. I used the same print (no contrast) for the neck/front edge band
  3. I turned over the cuff sleeve and hemmed before sewing up the sleeves - no cuff band
update: here was a picture I found on facebook (I cropped it) of the gowns being worn

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