Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Ive been sewing, cleaning, organizing and crafting :)

First some lavender sachets, I need 24 so I am halfway.
I have made the other bags but ran out of lavender - so Ive picked more and its drying.
This fabric has little strawberries on it

Then I need to make 30 child aged birthday gifts, to suit ages 5-13 boys and girls - so I made journals :)

I used my laminator to laminate paper for covers, then the binder to bind them all together.

Em helped me by making 90 paperclips, 3 per book

Each book is made with plain white paper, lined paper and envelopes

So far I have made 15, so I'm halfway. Its for the whole years birthdays so this will be enough for the first few months of birthdays.

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