Monday, February 20, 2017

prayer journal #3

Here is how I start - with a milk box (its the box that holds 6 x 1l UHT milks)

cover glued on and trimmed a bit

turned over - it was a macdonalds takeaway bag

bias binding for tie

a happy accident getting "Im loving it" on the spine

top view

inside, brown tag cut from a krispy kreme box
black border was a rub on velvet transfer

joy from macdonalds bag

this text was from a Joyce Meyer newsletter

I folded up A4 pages and put them inside the pockets all through this book

quite a few fold out pages

I kept the recipe whole

bow from krispy kreme box

black tag from fudge (gift at christmas)
sewed my signature with yellow cotton. I have a lot of it.

this prayer page was from Joyce Meyer mail, I glued it in

I tried pumpkin fitters recently - with a sweet sauce. 
Im not a fan but I bought some for the children to try
I cut out the label from the box and made a tag

last page has a pocket I added 2 blank cards and envelopes

  • Just FYI these are gifts (not for sale) I think you might get into trouble if you sold these with other company logos on the front.

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