Monday, February 20, 2017

summer nightie

I've been watching Project Runway - I find it so (sew) inspiring. :)

I picked up this approx 1m piece of gingham (polycotton) the other day, it was R10. These days that's the price of a loaf of bread so its not a lot of money - so I could relax and just create without stressing about wasting/ruining the fabric

I paged through the "and sew to bed" book and found a sweet nightie pattern. I left off all the frills  - which meant I had to rewrite the top part of the pattern. It also meant I didn't need all the fabric they asked for.

I used 4 pattern pieces, and cut the straps from measurements given - although I didnt use all the strap fittings they asked for. I just sewed the straps on. I left off the contrasting hem.


I  hand embroidered the top with lazy daisies


Closeup to show the bias binding parts - Im so happy with how neat the are :)

And ... it doesnt fit!
Its too tight around my tummy/thighs!

So it will find a new home.
Im so glad I tried the pattern - I will make it again.

  • It took about 30 minutes to cut the pattern pieces last night, an hour to do the hand embroidery and about an hour this morning to sew it up. So in total about 2 1/2 hours.

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