Wednesday, March 1, 2017

South African Journal

A gift for a family member who has relocated to another part of the world
I made this journal to be a trip down memory lane

Its for a male so its quite masculine

I used the cover of an old readers digest, its held closed with an elastic band

the ribbon down the middle is from a medal (I bought a bag of medals - I didnt cut up my own!) it has advertising from a petrol station and a radio station printed on it
cover has a map and a picture of a whale's tail
the other page is an advert for a hardware store

SA stamp

coupons for a local grocery store, my friend gave them to me- they are for pensioners 

A page with some Afrikaans writing and a tag from gem squash (which is hard to come by where they live)

flap out pages

art museum brochure

I sewed in my signatures and left the ties lose on the inside, I cut off tags from the tea bags and glued them onto the ends of the ties
this is "five roses rooibos tea"

recipes tucked into the envelope

"hello howzit"
its an phrase we use here, this is a postcard

tag made from a soap box from a hotel
it says "African pride"

magazine article "why SA is tops" full of random facts about SA
next page I tore out the advert for Simba chips

fold down page advertising koo tinned fruit
regular five roses teabag tags here

Jungle breakfast cereal - I used the side of the box to make a tag
SA flag sticker in the background, I found it on a plastic storage box :)

fold out page "joburg walking tours" it has a map on the back
the envelope has a registered mail sticker on it and a recipe for "peppermint crisp tart" inside

this folder was made from the first page of this book - before I took it apart
It is embossed with the former owners name address and phone number - it is lovely so I had to make a plan and save it

wrapper from a milo tin

postcards and fold out brochure for a market

the bicarb of soda box had 2 recipes on the side so I made them into a tag, one is English the other is Afrikaans
and the other side of the milo label

a big fold out advert - has some nice pictures I had to cut off the bottom cause it was too long

giraffe picture with a rope knot glued on the page

A map of a local monument and more teabag tags

postcards - more inside the brown paper bag

recipes for Amarula coffee inside this envelope

An Afrikaans recipe book with some traditional recipes - I had to fold it in half as its a bit big

back page has a rhino and more ribbon from a medal - this one is Spar - a local grocery store

view from the top - it has 4 signatures and is quite full

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