Saturday, April 1, 2017


So the internet is always full of perfect homes, pinterest worthy crafts and everyone being fabulous and successful ALL THE TIME...

in the real world there are flops and failures and disappointments.

Like this jacket that I have been making over the last few days, I got the pattern free with a magazine. The pattern asks for "sweatshirt fleece" well I think fleece in UK is a lot different than fleece in SA

My fabric is too thin and floppy, so now I have a bathrobe instead of a jacket :(

I took all my measurements and cut the correct size, but it is massive

Then there are the bamboo items I knitted a while ago, I found them packed away and decided to finish them up when I woke up at 1am

This is the poncho, the only way I could take a picture is with it lying flat on the ground because the fabric is so stretchy
I really dislike bamboo a lot today!

Here is a bamboo cowl, not too bad but also very floppy and stretchy
Not ideal

So when you are next browsing through the wonderful crafts and creations on the internet - remember there are going to be lots of failures along the way.

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