Monday, April 24, 2017

"so many loves" journal

I bought a book at the library

I removed the insides

here is a view from the top - 3 signatures

Inside front cover still has the details of the previous owner,
first page was from another journal
I tried to make this masculine and travel themed

Inside pages include music, journal paper. tissue paper, sugar paper (amongst others)
"explore" is from scrapbooking paper

All the envelopes are stuffed with blank papers and tags

I made this little envelope - inside are blank papers

this envelope has a tag made from a tabasco sauce box!
And a black tag

Another page from a journal

Rope knot

 I folded over this page so I could tuck things inside

This brown tag was made from a clothing label, I cut it down to size and put some diary paper inside -so its like a booklet. The tie is made from an elastic band

another black page with scrapbooking cutout

signatures were sewn with yellow embroidery thread

 I used washi tape to hide the joins of the spine and old paper cover

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