Monday, April 24, 2017

yellow journal

Another book I bought at the library.
when I removed the dust jacket it has a beautiful bright yellow cover

I think it might be German?

[ thanks Ruth! - its Dutch!]

 This spine was thick so I made 8 signatures!

front cover has an envelope with space at the back to tuck in a card
in the envelope there is paper to write on and a tag made from a label from a rose plant

all the signatures were sewn in with yellow embroidery thread
I glued tiny flowers on each end of the thread
they only really stand out against the bright backgrounds

a pretty scalloped piece of card made a tuck spot for some paper

I made this envelope from scrapbooking paper
there is lined paper inside

all the envelopes inside have papers and tags

this one also has a label from silk ribbon

I bought an address book with pretty butterflies printed on the pages
I laminated them so they look like photos
here is one tucked in a folded paper

There are also a few of these tiny books tucked throughout the journal

A butterfly, from coffee packaging

this postcard was cut out of scrapbooking paper
can you see the tiny book there?

I joined the edge between the spine and the old cover with washi tape


ruthsplace said...

Lovely journal. The title looks like Dutch to me.

Vikki said...

thanks Ruth, I never got around to looking it up :)