Wednesday, May 10, 2017

a journal for me!

Im a list maker, every morning I make a list for the day ahead
Often my list is EXACTLY THE SAME every day - but I make them anyway!

Yesterday I saw a few lists and thought I should make a journal just for me
with printed out lists that are customised
and places to write down extra things I find through the day (scriptures/devotionals/notes/ideas) that I usually write on bits of paper

I usually write lists on weekdays so this book should last about 6 weeks.
I filled it with odds and ends that make me happy

I used a readers digest cover

view from the top

inside cover, signatures are sewn onto a piece of cardboard that was glued into the spine. I covered that overlapping part with washi tape

the round paper is a coffee doily from a local coffee shop

one of my list pages, an envelope and a bookmark. 
Since the bookmark has a little embellishment hanging off the end I decided to keep it short - so it doesnt hang out of the bottom of the book.
The ribbon is printed it says "handmade" and the embellishment is made with shrink plastic, it says "I need my space" I love that phrase AND NASA uses it!

a Krispy Kreme serviette, I removed the second ply

a starbucks coffee sleeve

another list page & envelope.
the envelopes are empty so I can fill them

Starbucks loyalty club advert, , the white page opposite is tissue paper

some music

the other bookmark says "bloom where you are planted" its also made of shrink plastic and the ribbon is a piece of lace

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