Saturday, April 21, 2018

wash cloths

I accidently spilled varnish on a bath towel and I couldnt get it out.
So I cut the towel into 8 square shapes (some are rectangles!)

Then I cut up a tshirt, that was too small, into strips to use as a binding
And bound each toweling square.

I quite like this one with the towel applique still on it :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Prayer Junk Journal

Prayer Junk Journal 
This is a travelers notebook style prayer journal. 

It has 4 elastics that hold 4 signatures. It is full of lined papers to write on, music papers and other decorative papers etc. The papers are white and brown or somewhere in-between, the accent colour throughout is green. 

Not every page is decorated, I have taken photos of some of the decorated pages to give you an idea, but there is lots of writing space

There is also an extra envelope with other things you might want to add later.

There are scriptures dotted throughout, tuckspots with bookmarks/cards/postcards tucked inside and some green stamps which I have found out afterwards are quite old! (1915!) 

price in pounds is : £15.00
postage in the UK is £3.50 and for anywhere else in the world I will have to weigh it at the post office and get back to you

Monday, April 9, 2018

light shade ... lamp shade ... the thing you hang from the roof

Someone gave me this light shade, she might have called it a lamp shade
its beautiful but the colour is wrong for any of our bedrooms
so I decided to recover it with fabric from my stash

First I watched some youtube videos
then I carefully took it apart and save the inside sticky backed plastic (the blue fabric is attached to it)
This morning I reassembled it
It was a lot more fiddly than I expected, I used double sided tape and lots of hand sewing 
Then I glued some ribbon around the edges to tidy it up

Can you see the ducks on the fabric?
This was fabric I picked up in SA 
I saw some nice fabric at ikea (wow what a place!) so maybe next time Im there I will get some - but probably not for this light shade as I think the fabric is welded on pretty tight haha

the inside does not look great :( 
hopefully no-one will notice!!

Speaking of noticing - did you see the view in the background?
that's the view from the conservatory aka my craft room
its a bit chilly this morning but so lovely.

Yesterday we went to visit a family for lunch and they had the most beautiful garden, it was just bursting with flowers and colours 
rhubarb, rasperries, hundreds of daffodils, hyacinths and other bulbs, rhododendrons and other things I cant remember the names of :) 
I am so inspired!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

lovely things

so this weekend made us ridiculously happy... first we stopped by the South African shop ... WOW!

I never thought I would be as homesick as I have been.
I thought it would be easier.

I never thought I would be oohing and ahhing over rusks and simba chips.
But I was.

And the sparkle in the children's' eyes as they gazed at the packets of biltong was priceless!
Their 100g packs were finished before we even got home!!

The next thing that made me super duper happy was this...

It is 2 icecream tubs with hellebore plants that I got for free on a site called freegle (like freecycle) this very kind lady offered plants from her garden so I asked if I could have some. So yesterday I went to fetch them, she left them on her doorstep, and the thing that brought so much joy to my heart?
no its not the free plants ...
she wrote my name on the tubs!
and she spelt it right!
I never realised but when you move to a new country you lose your identity.
Where before people knew your name and you story and cared ... now you are a nobody.
So seeing my name on 2 icecream containers sitting on a doorstep was just the most wonderful thing. That someone cared enough to write my name on something was AMAZING.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

spring journal

Ive been working on this journal for about a week 
its for a swap; spring journal using butterflies & flowers

I need to work a bit harder on videos, I see my music ran out before the video was finished!
My table top has double sided tape residue on it...

Its actually a huge wall unit that we were given and this part was a bar area, there was a mirror on the desk part that pulls down, a few days ago I pried off the mirror. I need to remove the residue from the doubled sided tape but I still have to investigate what will work best. 
Every time I think of something I remember I dont have it anymore! 
We left a lot behind in the move.

Anyway this is part of my craft area, I got the conservatory, its beautiful and BIG! and I look out onto the garden, so it feels like Im crafting in the garden! At night I can look up at the stars :) 

Monday, April 2, 2018

settling in and scrubbies

Its been a month since we moved into our new home.
Our boxes arrived the second week we were here, which was a surprise as we thought they would take longer. Smelling my South African fabric conditioner on the blankets took me right back ... its the funny little things that catch you!

We have made some new friends who are also South African who have treated us to Biltong, Koeksusters and Milk Tart. And they have told us where to buy some of the SA treats when we miss them.

Grocery shopping is wonderful here, there is so much to choose from and try. Every time we go shopping we try to get something new; brambly apple sausages got mixed reviews ... banana juice (only Sos was brave enough to try it!) ... rhubarb pie ... so much fun!

Last week we got a 10kg bag of onions at a good price, and it came in a huge orange mesh bag. Ive been saving paper and cardboard for journals and decided to save the orange bag as well. Today I wondered if I could make some kind of bath scrubbie with it ... so I browsed around and saw a much more practical use for BRIGHT ORANGE mesh: kitchen scrubbies!

I followed Mary's directions but I used orange thread on my sewing machine :) and a zig zag stitch.

Mine looks a bit like a pillow case on the back so I could probably tuck a bar of soap in there.

Now Im looking up onion recipes! 10kg is a LOT of onions!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

UK junk journals

I miss crafting!
Today I made 2 junk journals, they are full of papers that represent the beginning of our new adventure.

I have limited craft supplies, in these journals I used: 
1. scissors
2. doubled sided tape
3. sewing needle
4. wool
5. card and papers all salvaged :)