Tuesday, August 7, 2018

be still ... little junk journal

Ive been working hard!
And I keep forgetting to update my blog

here is a journal I made this morning

Saturday, July 7, 2018


I got a tripod so I can make videos :)
its much easier than taking lots of photos, especially for journals!

here is a swap parcel I received yesterday ... before I leaned how to us the tripod :)

and today I did a video of a journal I have just finished for a friend... Sos showed me how to use the tripod haha yesterday it was upside down!!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

etsy store

My etsy store is back up again, and Im filling it up with stock.
so far there are a few bracelets, but I have lots of goodies to add over the next week.

And these strawberries are from my garden!
They are so beautiful :) 

Friday, June 15, 2018

in the garden

My new garden is smaller than before, and has lovely bones
So Ive only added a few pots to bring in some flowers
but Im not going to worry about bigger plants like roses, daisies etc.
Im enjoying them in other gardens instead
I love seeing them poke their flowery heads over the walls or bursting with flowers in front gardens.

I tried growing tomatoes (from seed) but something is eating them!
Also the marigolds (also from seed) were mowed down

Here are my violas ... first time growing these from seed 
I have tried before and failed
so I threw a whole bag of seeds in this pot
and they worked!
must be the climate

Here are some strawberries, my Dad gave them to me
can you see the fruit?

Alyssum - like the violas I have never succesfully grown these from seed before
so I threw the whole bag in and look at the mass of flowers

my Dad made these two planters from me
And gave me the geraniums and lobelias to fill them
I didnt know the geranium colours until a few days ago
I like the symmetry :)

This yellow flower is a shrub / bush
No idea what it is but I love the bright colour!
I have 2 in the garden

Finally ... the apple tree!
There are two
I think they are different varieties, one is green (in the picture) and the other is burgundy
I must say its exciting watching them grow bigger and bigger
although a lot are falling to the floor!

Apples are quite pricey here so Ill be happy if we can harvest some in a few months time.

New friends have been so kind and I have been given a rose scented geranium and a red begonia
and our landlord gave us a orchid which is still alive :) 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Provence potholder

Im taking part in a kitchen themed journal swap on FB, you have to include various things (or a picture of it) so I made this potholder :)

I used the picture of Provence for colour inspiration. Its a bit bright but I hope it gives my swap partner a laugh.
I used this pattern (willow) for the front. On the back is a plain purple granny square. On the last round I crocheted them together and added a scalloped edging with a loop in one corner.

Monday, June 4, 2018


Life here is lovely, an we are trying to enjoy everything it has to offer
Its all still new, even though its nearly 5 months since we arrived. 
Time has gone so fast and yet the days pass so slowly. 

I still have teary moments about the life and friends I have left behind.

Here are some pictures from Virginia Waters, its a park with a giant lake in the middle!
These are the ruins, I loved going here because I studied this during my Roman Architecture course a few years ago.

This is the lake, it is massive.

Last week we took a drive to the beach, so amazing that we can just drive to the beach for a few hours and then drive home! We used to live about 7 hours from the beach in SA. Now we are 1.5 hours drive away!

It was a sandy beach (unlike SA a lot of the beaches here have pebbles)
And in the evening it was so clear we could see the Isle of Wight

I have been creating, this was for a friend 
(I have edited out the full names on the aprons)
These were made from scratch, we sketched out the design before starting.
 They are made with denim, the binding was made from cotton, there are pockets that are topped with fabric, names were embroidered on, the boys one has a loop (to attach things) and the girls one has a satin flower
they are to fit a 3/4 year old

Then Ive been making journal - lots are in progress

But here are 2 that I finished in the last 2 days... 
The little bee one is just 9cm tall!

Inside each cover is a tiny pocket with tags inside, this one has a little sticker that says "my hope is in you"
The pages are coffee dyed and printed with flower digital papers, there are some music pages and some flap out pages

Then this book is even smaller, its 6.5cm tall
Its a Christmas tree decoration, I decided to revisit the ones I tried to make at the end of last year.
This is a much neater result

Also filled with coffee dyed pages that have been printed with flower digital paper

There are other things being made, about 1/3 of a blanket so far (for a queen size bed!) and a bunny in progress

The days are long here so I end up crafting till late because I never know what the time is!!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

wash cloths

I accidently spilled varnish on a bath towel and I couldnt get it out.
So I cut the towel into 8 square shapes (some are rectangles!)

Then I cut up a tshirt, that was too small, into strips to use as a binding
And bound each toweling square.

I quite like this one with the towel applique still on it :)