Sunday, September 17, 2017

catch up

Its been a difficult few weeks since we moved.
This week 3 of us were sick, but the rain started tonight so maybe it will wash some of the grime out of the air and we can enjoy the summer weather (in spring)

here are some things I have finished this week;

another white sparkly shawl, with 2 roses

a scarf

pyjama shorts - this was the test pair. 
I like how nicely the squares lined up, it was a fortunate accident!

this fabric is full of little strawberries!
the bows are to show the front - because I didnt sew labels into these

the wild strawberries that I transplated from my old garden have flowered and Im hoping they will fruit soon - I cant seem to keep regular strawberries alive but the wild ones are GREAT!

Monday, September 4, 2017

sparkly shawl

I finished this last week, its a shawl.
Its part of my Christmas list - this is going to my sons teacher
Its white cotton with sparkles

Sunday, September 3, 2017

happy spring!

I finished these socks last night ... they are so bright and cheerful!
I started them 3 years ago!

happy spring!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I started sewing these culottes 2 months ago, I just had to add on the waistband - but then we moved and everything was packed away.

Tonight I was able to finish them.

they look just like a skirt when you wear them

And they even have pockets! Its my first time sewing in pockets - I didnt have enough of the patterned fabric so I lined them with a solid navy

Friday, July 21, 2017

a faux dori journal

What a busy few weeks! We decided to sell our house and it sold in 48 hours! And we move out tomorrow EEEK.
Ive been painting, gardening and cleaning, as well as packing, transporting and unpacking boxes. We have SO MUCH STUFF! But we are nearly done.

The new garden is a blank canvas and I will show you pictures from there soon ... but in the midst of the chaos I joined a South African journaling group on facebook and joined in their swap. Since my partner has already received her journal I will share the pages here.

Its a Midori style journal, faux leather cover. I cant remember how many pages I put in it. I really loved making this and plan to make one for myself soon

Thursday, June 8, 2017

yellow shawl

I got this lace weight acrylic yarn free with a British magazine last year. The book suggested knitting a shawl and I meant to use their pattern but I didnt.

This is a over a meter along the longest edge and weighs just 22g! Its is soft and light like a cloud!

o's and x's game

I was cleaning and found a bag of 6mm tile spacers they make perfect x's, I asked Sos what can I use for o's and he suggested bottle caps - so these are milk box tops :)

I sewed the drawstring bags in blue fabric and sewed an o's and x's board with rick rack trim on the front