Thursday, June 8, 2017

yellow shawl

I got this lace weight acrylic yarn free with a British magazine last year. The book suggested knitting a shawl and I meant to use their pattern but I didnt.

This is a over a meter along the longest edge and weighs just 22g! Its is soft and light like a cloud!

o's and x's game

I was cleaning and found a bag of 6mm tile spacers they make perfect x's, I asked Sos what can I use for o's and he suggested bottle caps - so these are milk box tops :)

I sewed the drawstring bags in blue fabric and sewed an o's and x's board with rick rack trim on the front

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Christmas journal

I made this a while ago but didnt have time to take photos

I used a Readers Digest book cover
and crocheted a green rose that decorates the elastic holding it closed

inside cover

embossed tissue paper

I used lots of scrapbooking embellishments in this one

Saturday, June 3, 2017

shawl with scraps

I saw a beautiful shawl on facebook, made up of scraps of yarn tied together
I decided to make my own with sock yarn
this has ended up being lots of pastels

Some lengths of yarn were only 1-2 meters
so there were lots of ends to weave in

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

gym shirt

Sorry this one is hanging a bit skew on the hanger!

This is a shirt for the gym (or running)
The pattern was a bit big after I had sewn it so I had to make a plan at the neck edge, you can see there is a pleat :)

I sized it so it is VERY loose and long at the bottom of the shirt so I can comfortably wear it with leggings

Here is a closeup of the fabric, it is a stretch fabric

It does look a bit plain so Im tempted to try dyeing it

Monday, May 29, 2017

soft floral sirt

Another sleeveless top, this one is made from a pretty Japanese cotton. I found it in the quilting section but it is a bit thinner than quilting cotton.
I made this one a bit looser around the bottom so it fits beautifully.

I was able to cut and stitch this up in under an hour! And that included some creative juggling because the fabric wasn't big enough - I had to sew on a piece near the side.

I used a 75cm piece of fabric.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


I made marmalade this week ... and in case you are wondering ... yes those are not the right jars!
Sadly I found my proper jars lids have gone rusty so I need to buy more.
these have gone straight to the fridge

I used clementine peels, they were a lovely dark orange colour, and oranges
I also used brown sugar, I couldn't get the mixture to reach 222F so its a bit runnier than usual

but its very VERY good!